Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Well, the "butterfly has died"!
MSN groups, where my patriotic and military psp group has been for nearly 5 years, has finally closed down. Myself and my dear online friends have all moved on to various other sites and have reformed our groups.
Though msn is now gone, our friendships remain, stronger than ever.

A very special thank you, and all my love to my dear friends that have been there for me through thick and thin. To name a few (and there are so many more)..thank you Dawn, Kaci, Jenifer, Nadine, June, Scarlett, Kellie, Renee ( our own Soldier girl), ohhhhh there are so many more, and I love you all and thank you for your friendships.

More will be posted later on today

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Hi everyone,
I'm Cathy. I'm from a little village in North Carolina called Mountain Home, which is just outside Hendersonville, in the beautiful mountains near the Blue Ridge Parkway.
I have 8 children...5 sons and 3 daughters and 5 gorgeous grandchildren.
Currently I am living in Ireland where my "other half" is from originally.
I love Ireland, but there's no place like home...and I think my blood must run red, white and blue...and filled with stars and stripes.

One of my sons is currently serving in the U.S. Marines and is deployed at this time, though thankfully not to a war zone this time.

I love our troops and am so grateful to them for their service to our country, and for their many sacrifices every single day. They are REAL heroes. It's not the movie stars, or football players, etc who are heroes...it's these brave men and women who leave home and family, and put their lives on the line every single day, to secure the freedom that we as Americans hold so dear.

Now...about me and how I keep myself busy...LOL
I've been doing psp for over 6 years now and have had my own group on msn for most of that time...making tags to offer, and trying to help others learn to make them as well. It's been a joy to me to try to help someone learn, and then over the years watch them really showing their true talents, and branching off in all sorts of directions.

My group on msn has been a Patriotic and Military PSP group...which is moving to Aimoo since MSN is closing down groups this coming Saturday. I've enjoyed such wonderful friendships with the women who've joined my group over these past years, most of whom are military wives. We've not only enjoyed psp together, we've laughed and cried together and been there for each other during the long and lonely deployments. These military wives are true heroes as well in my eyes.

Over time, I hope to add scrapkits and maybe even branch on to doing tutorials finally.....but for now, let's see how the blogging goes, as this is my first time trying one. Please be gentle with me, and leave me some love....LOL