Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Well, the "butterfly has died"!
MSN groups, where my patriotic and military psp group has been for nearly 5 years, has finally closed down. Myself and my dear online friends have all moved on to various other sites and have reformed our groups.
Though msn is now gone, our friendships remain, stronger than ever.

A very special thank you, and all my love to my dear friends that have been there for me through thick and thin. To name a few (and there are so many more)..thank you Dawn, Kaci, Jenifer, Nadine, June, Scarlett, Kellie, Renee ( our own Soldier girl), ohhhhh there are so many more, and I love you all and thank you for your friendships.

More will be posted later on today

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  1. Man and after all these years of trying to shoot that darn butterfly now we want him back, lol. Love you too Cathy!!! (((HUGS)))